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Livestreamers flow overseas for sales, profits

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After spending six hours selling makeup live in front of a smartphone screen and hot lights, Juanita Cerrillos spoke hoarsely and hiccupped a little, but she was excited. Her eyes shone and her face was brightly flushed.

Before she joined the Chinese e-commerce company Newme in Los Angeles, Cerrillos sold property to customers offline. Having started her livestreams in September, she is one of six influencers employed by Newme to sell goods to customers in the United States online.

Despite having just a few hundred viewers, Cerrillos sells goods worth of thousands of dollars on average every session. She has fallen in love with the new sales tool as it makes her feel loved and connected to more people.

In the real-time rolling comments, she is touched when people give her tips for the hiccups, including one suggestion that she eat a lemon with some sugar.

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