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China sees improving regional aviation accessibility

VisitCount:572 UpdateTime:2023/5/15

China's regional aviation accessibility has improved over recent years, according to a recent industry report.

The travel time to reach smaller cities along regional flight routes has generally shortened, enabling quicker access to these destinations, said a report jointly released by China Air Transport Association and other research institutes.

In 2022, the transport network of these smaller cities was able to cover an average of 20 cities, and a transfer trip is usually needed to access most other cities in the country, the report said.

The improved accessibility has firmly supported the coordinated regional development and the country's rural vitalization, helping smaller cities and counties share the dividends of the country's big market and boost local economies.

The report highlights the need for a more comprehensive and interconnected network that encompasses both regional and trunk air routes. It emphasizes the importance of improving accessibility between major airports and general airports to enhance overall transportation efficiency.

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